Tania created Ageless Diet, wrote the book, and works with people daily to help them feel better. Ageless Diet: pathway to sustainable vitalityWhat is the Ageless Diet? Well, it’s simple. The pathway to sustainable vitality. A holistic way of healing.

Writer and producer Tania Van Pelt has been studying wellness, specifically diet-related health, since before creating the popular lifestyle website Happiness Series in 2010. It dawned on her she wasn’t as vibrant as she could be. She was stressed, overworked, and aging prematurely… like almost everyone else she knew.

And, Tania feared the inevitable: growing old. Which was ridiculous. Age enriches us. Regardless of her fear, mostly she just wanted to feel better.

She knew she didn’t want to be younger, with all the pain and mistakes of those earlier decades. What Tania wanted was to accept who she was and is wholeheartedly. She wanted feel good in her bones with glowing skin and a sharp mind. She wanted to love and live with energy and appetite. And, she does!

After years of research and practical application, working with a team of health and wellness experts, Tania created the Ageless Diet so that we could all heal ourselves with a few simple changes. She works with people daily to help them feel better on every level.

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